May 28, 2016

May Newsletter


As we kicked off the new year back in January, we looked forward to all that God is doing and will do in Belize.  So much has happened over the past five months and is continuing to happen.  We wanted to pause and share with you just a few of the great things that have been taking place. 

So far this year we have hosted 3 wonderful medical teams.  These teams made up of medical

professionals, medical students, and lay people saw over 1688 patients in remote villages of the southern part of Belize.  Many of the villagers have no other access to medical care or much needed medication.  More importantly, these volunteers shared the love of Christ and the plan of His salvation with the folks they encountered.  

We also hosted a construction/maintenance team that came with the sole purpose of helping us get the  campus and various facilities repaired and fixed up.  Many times it seems that people are more interested in special projects, but this group came with a servant’s heart to help us with repairs and maintenance required to enable us to continue with the ministry that we otherwise did not have the manpower or funding to cover.  In addition to campus repairs, these guys (and lady) put in pipes from the water tower to the preschool in More Tomorrow so that we now have running water in the preschool for the students to use for drinking, washing hands, etc.

Two additional teams comprised of pastors and church leaders visited us to see the ministry first hand.  This was an opportunity for these folks to see face to face what GEM is all about and the lives that are touched through God’s grace and provision.  It was great to make new friends and form relationships that we anticipate will last a life time.  At least one team member is very talented with audio visual skills and blessed us with a wonderful video to help us share the work of GEM with others.  You may view this promo video (as well as our other videos) on our YouTube channel which is named Randy Gaither. 

All of our churches are continuing to see people saved, baptized, and being disciple.  In March we held another training conference to continue teaching and training the pastors and leaders within our various churches.  The meeting was very successful with great attendance.  It is refreshing to see so many men and women with great eagerness to learn more and more about God and His Word. 

In addition to everything else, we have been steadily working on building projects.  The walls and roof of the building in San Benito Poite are complete and we held a dedication service in February.  It still lacks doors and windows,
Maya Mopan

but the building is already full of songs of praise for the Lord as the local congregation meets there several times a week to worship Him.  The walls of the church building in Maya Mopan are complete and ready for the rafters and roof.  In Frank’s Eddy, the walls are going up quickly and will soon be ready for the roof.  Praise the Lord for the good weather to keep these projects moving!
Frank's Eddy

As far as the Gaither family news, all is well.  Randy and Sheila have joked many times about how important it is to keep up with routine maintenance…in this case referring to your body, not your vehicle.  Otherwise you are looking at a major overhaul!  The past 6 weeks have revolved around doctor appointments and therapy appointments (stateside, of course), but we are about to get all the parts moving and pistons firing again.  However, I am not sure we were ever running on all cylinders.  Brandon has finished his 3rd year of college and turns 21 in a few days (where has the time gone??).  Micah informed us that he is officially a second grader now, and last week he declared that he was thinking about living at home with us until he starts high school. ???  That’s Micah for you…always thinking ahead about things no one else ever considers.  Oh, to be 7 years old again…

In closing we would like to leave you with these words.  Jesus gave us His definition of success in Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.”  Your greatness will not be determined by how much you accumulate as you go through life, but by how effectively you honor God by serving others.  Live each day like Jesus!

Randy, Sheila, & Micah

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