November 10, 2009

November Update


It is truly amazing to see all the awesome things that the Lord is doing. God continues to make the impossible not only possible, but a reality! He demonstrates His greatness each and every day as we are seeing growth in the churches and in the ministry as a whole.

There is no greater joy than seeing people saved and lives changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just last week six more new Christians from the church in San Isidro were baptized in the nearby river (pictured at left). There were also eight children dedicated to the Lord as whole families are coming to Christ. Praise the Lord that the churches are not only growing but they are fulfilling the Great Commission!

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, God is expanding the ministry in Belize faster than we ever imagined. Many of you know that in addition to operating Gaither Evangelistic Ministries, we have been utilizing the facilities of River of Life Ministries (ROL) as well as directing their ministry in Belize. Approximately one year ago the founders of ROL told us that they had been praying for someone to take over the ministry they have operated for the past 30 years. Two weeks ago meetings were held with the Boards of Directors for both ROL and GEM. At the conclusion of these meetings everything was finalized as ROL has turned over their facilities, churches, and ministry to GEM. There was no doubt that the Holy Spirit has moved in this direction so that we might continue to reach many more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have a strong base to facilitate the ministry to which He has called us.

Although we have acquired the ministry facilities during this transition, the house that we have been renting has now been made available for us to purchase. The house is located adjacent to the northern facility which is an excellent situation for being right there at the campus for teams, employees, and oversight of the ministry in general. We are blessed to have been given the first option to buy the house. Please pray with us that God will provide the finances for a down payment to make this purchase.

Another exciting facet of this transition involves the expansion of GEM into Thailand. A young man from Belize and his wife are operating an orphanage in Thailand as part of ROL. This has now become a ministry of GEM and we are believing God to mightily bless and expand our outreach into that country.

On a more personal note, Brandon has successfully survived the first nine weeks of the 9th grade and almost survived the first nine months of having a little brother. It didn’t take Brandon long to figure out that solving algebraic equations and balancing chemical
formulas is far easier than keeping a mobile (and quick) little brother out of his room and away from his “stuff”. Besides exploring everything he sees, Micah has developed quite a taste for shoe soles, paper, plastic, rubber, wood, metal, and virtually any other substance known to man while trying to get his first teeth to break through. Since he is now cruising along the furniture and trying to walk, the task of keeping things out of his reach is even greater. And by the way, who told Micah that “No, no!” means turn around and give Mommy or Daddy a huge grin that completely wipes away the stern look of a disciplinarian? Randy and Sheila, on the other hand, have begun a new personal Bible study about Abraham and Sarah and how they survived Isaac in their old age. Maybe kids were different back then and that is why people lived so much longer….hmmm. Seriously, we are all enjoying the new challenges and excitement that each day brings.

We would also like to express our gratitude for all of the prayers, cards, and memorials as Randy’s dad went home to be with the Lord. Your encouragement and love has meant so much to us especially during this time.

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

November 2, 2009

October Update


It has been a wonderful year so far as we have seen many great and mighty things. To date we have hosted 12 different teams in 2009 who have worked on a variety of projects including mechanical work, construction work, medical/dental services, VBS, evangelism, food distribution, etc. Each and every team has been a tremendous blessing to the people of Belize as they shared the love of Jesus Christ through their various avenues. What a privilege and joy it is to be a part of seeing souls saved, lives changed, and churches being established! You are such a vital part of what is happening and we are so grateful for your love, prayers, and support.

The planning has already begun on the 2010 calendar and scheduling teams for next year in Belize. If you are interested in bringing a group down for hands on ministry of any type, please contact us by email at We would love to introduce you to the people of Belize so that you can experience firsthand the amazing things God is doing.

One thing in particular that brings us great joy is working with the children in various villages. We are very proud of the preschool children in Valley of Peace. Spanish and Ketchi are the primary languages of many of the children. Our two teachers, Ms. Elba and Ms. Mabel, are doing a great job teaching English and preparing the students for primary school. We are using a Christian curriculum that is not only making an impact with the children themselves but also in their homes. Plans are under way to open two additional preschools in other villages.

As we have mentioned before, we now have seven churches throughout the country of Belize. One of the churches is located in the Ketchi Indian village of Jalacte´. Recently we were approached by the leadership of two other churches in that village requesting to bring their congregations to join ours. They are so excited about what God is doing and want to be a part of it. There is now a need for a sound system and instruments to facilitate the ministry of the growing church. There are a number of good musicians and singers who have joined the church family in Jalacte´.

The Lord moved on the hearts of two young men from Arkansas to come on board temporarily to help us in Belize. Ben Smith and Andrew Brock are in Belize for 2 to 3 months assisting with the day to day operations of the ministry. This has helped make it possible for us to come back to the states in lieu of Randy’s dad’s current medical condition.

As far as family news, Randy has been hopping back and forth across the “big pond” between Belize and the US trying to take care of business as well as spending as much time with his dad as possible. Sheila’s main job has been to keep the laundry clean and suitcases packed along with keeping Micah corralled (especially in all the new places). Brandon has been a good sport about keeping up with his school work on the go…his new motto is “have books, will travel.” He is also learning that “my little brother ate my homework” is not such a ridiculous statement after all. Micah is…well…into everything! Nothing is safe from his hands (or his mouth), and he loudly proclaims full ownership of anything in his sight. Woe to anyone who tries to convince him otherwise. There is never a dull moment with the Gaither clan, but we are enjoying every minute.

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither