December 22, 2009

December Update


It is amazing how quickly the year has passed. 2009 has truly been a tremendous time as God has done so much in our lives and ministry. There were so many things that seemed impossible yet God made it possible, and opportunities provided by God that without Him would have never been available. Most of all lives have been forever changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His love and salvation.

Throughout this year it has been such a blessing to work with a number of different teams, ministries, and individuals who came to share the love of Christ in Belize. So many great and mighty things have been accomplished through the dedicated “hands-on” work of those who came to Belize and used their talents and abilities for the ministry of the Lord. We are not only grateful for the laborers, but also for those of you who so faithfully pray for the work and ministry in Belize. It is in the prayer closet that you are affecting both time and eternity. We especially thank the Lord for your gifts and offerings to the ministry enabling the work to not only continue but to expand and grow. Currently there are several needs that we would like you to pray with us about. Some of the specific needs are: 1) Thompson Chain reference Bibles for our pastors; 2) sound systems and generators for 3 new churches; 3) a van to transport people to and from church services, transport teams, and to be used for food distribution; 4) finances to purchase a house for our family; and 5) ten villages who are asking for us to establish a church in their location.

One young lady in particular came to Belize with her family this past summer to help with several aspects of the ministry. After returning to the states she was so burdened for the people of Belize that she began to think of what she could do to continue to help the people. Bethany Kirkland, 12, of Van Buren, AR put her creative talent to work and has been making beautiful (and very professional looking) greeting cards for all occasions. Bethany sells these cards at craft shows, church events, etc. with the proceeds going to support the ministry in Belize. Thank you Bethany for your service to the Lord and your heart for the people of Belize!

We would also like to thank the people of Crestline Church in Birmingham, AL for their wonderful generosity during this holiday season. The pastor and members of Crestline have purchased Christmas gifts for all of the children at our church in More Tomorrow and shipped them to Belize. We are looking forward to a wonderful celebration of
Jesus’ Birthday with these children, and we hope to have some great photos to share with you next month.

The Lord continues to move in the villages of San Isidro and San Pablo. In addition to the 6 people that were baptized and 8 children that were dedicated last month, there are several other new Christians who will be baptized in the next few weeks. Also, this Sunday there will be another child dedication service as more parents who are coming to the Lord want to commit their children to God and teach them to love and follow Him.

As far as Gaither family news, the Gaithers are busy decorating the Christmas tree...again…and again…and again. It is a daily event with a curious 10 month old in the house. Micah is certain he must taste each ornament and no one can convince him otherwise. Brandon is working on getting his driver’s permit. We thought Micah in a walker was bad, now we have Brandon in a car! Randy and Sheila? Well, we are just hanging in there enjoying the ride and thanking God every day that He is in control.

Thank you for being a part of making this year such a success through your prayers, love, encouragement, and giving! We would also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

November 10, 2009

November Update


It is truly amazing to see all the awesome things that the Lord is doing. God continues to make the impossible not only possible, but a reality! He demonstrates His greatness each and every day as we are seeing growth in the churches and in the ministry as a whole.

There is no greater joy than seeing people saved and lives changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just last week six more new Christians from the church in San Isidro were baptized in the nearby river (pictured at left). There were also eight children dedicated to the Lord as whole families are coming to Christ. Praise the Lord that the churches are not only growing but they are fulfilling the Great Commission!

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, God is expanding the ministry in Belize faster than we ever imagined. Many of you know that in addition to operating Gaither Evangelistic Ministries, we have been utilizing the facilities of River of Life Ministries (ROL) as well as directing their ministry in Belize. Approximately one year ago the founders of ROL told us that they had been praying for someone to take over the ministry they have operated for the past 30 years. Two weeks ago meetings were held with the Boards of Directors for both ROL and GEM. At the conclusion of these meetings everything was finalized as ROL has turned over their facilities, churches, and ministry to GEM. There was no doubt that the Holy Spirit has moved in this direction so that we might continue to reach many more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have a strong base to facilitate the ministry to which He has called us.

Although we have acquired the ministry facilities during this transition, the house that we have been renting has now been made available for us to purchase. The house is located adjacent to the northern facility which is an excellent situation for being right there at the campus for teams, employees, and oversight of the ministry in general. We are blessed to have been given the first option to buy the house. Please pray with us that God will provide the finances for a down payment to make this purchase.

Another exciting facet of this transition involves the expansion of GEM into Thailand. A young man from Belize and his wife are operating an orphanage in Thailand as part of ROL. This has now become a ministry of GEM and we are believing God to mightily bless and expand our outreach into that country.

On a more personal note, Brandon has successfully survived the first nine weeks of the 9th grade and almost survived the first nine months of having a little brother. It didn’t take Brandon long to figure out that solving algebraic equations and balancing chemical
formulas is far easier than keeping a mobile (and quick) little brother out of his room and away from his “stuff”. Besides exploring everything he sees, Micah has developed quite a taste for shoe soles, paper, plastic, rubber, wood, metal, and virtually any other substance known to man while trying to get his first teeth to break through. Since he is now cruising along the furniture and trying to walk, the task of keeping things out of his reach is even greater. And by the way, who told Micah that “No, no!” means turn around and give Mommy or Daddy a huge grin that completely wipes away the stern look of a disciplinarian? Randy and Sheila, on the other hand, have begun a new personal Bible study about Abraham and Sarah and how they survived Isaac in their old age. Maybe kids were different back then and that is why people lived so much longer….hmmm. Seriously, we are all enjoying the new challenges and excitement that each day brings.

We would also like to express our gratitude for all of the prayers, cards, and memorials as Randy’s dad went home to be with the Lord. Your encouragement and love has meant so much to us especially during this time.

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

November 2, 2009

October Update


It has been a wonderful year so far as we have seen many great and mighty things. To date we have hosted 12 different teams in 2009 who have worked on a variety of projects including mechanical work, construction work, medical/dental services, VBS, evangelism, food distribution, etc. Each and every team has been a tremendous blessing to the people of Belize as they shared the love of Jesus Christ through their various avenues. What a privilege and joy it is to be a part of seeing souls saved, lives changed, and churches being established! You are such a vital part of what is happening and we are so grateful for your love, prayers, and support.

The planning has already begun on the 2010 calendar and scheduling teams for next year in Belize. If you are interested in bringing a group down for hands on ministry of any type, please contact us by email at We would love to introduce you to the people of Belize so that you can experience firsthand the amazing things God is doing.

One thing in particular that brings us great joy is working with the children in various villages. We are very proud of the preschool children in Valley of Peace. Spanish and Ketchi are the primary languages of many of the children. Our two teachers, Ms. Elba and Ms. Mabel, are doing a great job teaching English and preparing the students for primary school. We are using a Christian curriculum that is not only making an impact with the children themselves but also in their homes. Plans are under way to open two additional preschools in other villages.

As we have mentioned before, we now have seven churches throughout the country of Belize. One of the churches is located in the Ketchi Indian village of Jalacte´. Recently we were approached by the leadership of two other churches in that village requesting to bring their congregations to join ours. They are so excited about what God is doing and want to be a part of it. There is now a need for a sound system and instruments to facilitate the ministry of the growing church. There are a number of good musicians and singers who have joined the church family in Jalacte´.

The Lord moved on the hearts of two young men from Arkansas to come on board temporarily to help us in Belize. Ben Smith and Andrew Brock are in Belize for 2 to 3 months assisting with the day to day operations of the ministry. This has helped make it possible for us to come back to the states in lieu of Randy’s dad’s current medical condition.

As far as family news, Randy has been hopping back and forth across the “big pond” between Belize and the US trying to take care of business as well as spending as much time with his dad as possible. Sheila’s main job has been to keep the laundry clean and suitcases packed along with keeping Micah corralled (especially in all the new places). Brandon has been a good sport about keeping up with his school work on the go…his new motto is “have books, will travel.” He is also learning that “my little brother ate my homework” is not such a ridiculous statement after all. Micah is…well…into everything! Nothing is safe from his hands (or his mouth), and he loudly proclaims full ownership of anything in his sight. Woe to anyone who tries to convince him otherwise. There is never a dull moment with the Gaither clan, but we are enjoying every minute.

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

September 17, 2009

September Update


God continues to pour out His blessings upon the ministry here in Belize. In recent weeks we were able to complete the doors, windows, plaster and front porch of our new church building in More Tomorrow. There were over 100 people (and over 10,000 mosquitoes) from the village in attendance for the celebration service where we had a great time with singing, preaching and sharing a fellowship meal. We continue to have a children’s service on Sunday mornings, and with the power of a generator we are able to hold evening services each Sunday night. Currently we are using borrowed chairs from the community center, but we believe that God will provide benches, electric wiring, and even a sound system in the near future.

The people of More Tomorrow have been so excited about what God is doing in their village as they have longed for a church and are seeing God answer their prayers. One precious lady was so thrilled that she donated to the ministry a parcel of property adjacent to the church property that includes a partial building which can be used for a preschool once we are able to complete the floor, windows, doors, and roof. In addition, the village chairman met with the people of the village and they voted to sign over another parcel of property adjacent to the church on the opposite side to be used for a playground area and/or expansion.

With the start of a new school year, our preschool in Valley of Peace opened on August 31st. We currently have over 25 students enrolled, full of energy, and ready to learn. The preschool uses a Christian curriculum to teach the children English and school readiness skills to enable them to enable them to be successful once they reach primary school. There is no charge for the children to attend preschool as it is funded 100% through ministry contributions.

Speaking of the start of a new school year, we are very grateful for all of the generous contributions from many of you for school sponsorship. Through your donations, we were able to assist 35 students who would not have been able to attend school otherwise. Many families who often times cannot afford to buy food are unable to pay the costs required for their children to receive and education. The parents of 35 children are now seeing that dream come true.

Regarding the Gaither four, we are doing well. Brandon is surviving another year of home school. Micah is crawling now and saying “mama” and “dada”. We have been working with him on saying “Brandon” but so far his brother’s name sounds like “blah” (we’ll keep working…and maybe we need a different speech pathologist…ha).
Many of you know that as this newsletter is being written we have made an emergency trip back to the states due to Randy’s dad being recently diagnosed with cancer and the unfortunate rapid progression. The entire family would like to express our appreciation for your thoughts, prayers, phone calls and emails. It is the love and prayers of our Christian family that helps us through the more difficult times. We love you all!

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

August 15, 2009

August Update

Greetings from Belize,

Wow! So many amazing things have taken place this past month it’s hard to know where to begin. Once again we have had several great teams here in the past few weeks who have worked on construction projects, vacation Bible school, door to door ministry, dental care, and food distribution.

We started off the month of July with a construction team from South Carolina. This group did a great job working on the internet café in Valley of Peace. Thanks to all of their hard work the only things the building lacks now are doors, windows, paint, and chairs. After that it will be ready for the installation of the computer equipment which will help the young folks in the village with their education.

The second team this month was from TN. They ministered to the children in More
Tomorrow and Valley of Peace through Vacation Bible School. What a blessing they were to both villages! Attendance averaged 51 in More Tomorrow and 220 in Valley of Peace. Believe it or not, the team did not run away at the sight of 220 children in one location. Instead, they worked great with the children and everyone had a wonderful time. Members of this team also went house to house in the two villages sharing the love of Christ with people in the homes. Through these combined efforts there were 7 folks saved in More Tomorrow and 24 folks saved in Valley of Peace.

As mentioned in our June newsletter, a young man from Fort Smith, AR took on the task of constructing our church building in More Tomorrow as an Eagle Scout project. You can see from the picture that we now have a very nice church building in that village.
We are currently working on plaster, doors, windows, and facer boards and hope to have it completed by the end of this week in time for a dedication service on Sunday. The people in the village are so proud of their new church building that one man has even been sleeping in the church to make sure nothing is bothered until the building can be completed and secured. That’s one time it is ok to sleep in church…ha!

One of the great things about being a part of God’s family is getting to work with your brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people that work with neighboring ministries here in Belize. This last month three different ministries worked together to meet several needs in the village of More Tomorrow. We were hosting a team from AR on our northern campus at the same time a nearby ministry was hosting a team from AL. Prior to their arrival, a dentist traveling with the AL team contacted Randy about providing dental care to the people in the villages. Randy was able to make arrangements with a third ministry that has dental facilities/equipment available so that people were able to receive much needed dental services free of charge. Some members of the AL team held a vacation Bible school for the children in More Tomorrow while the other members of their team helped the construction team from AR with our new church building. In the evenings we held revival services, and the last night of the revival the AL team distributed beans, rice, mosquito nets, and shoes to everyone in the village. It was wonderful to see so many people from different ministries and different places working together to share the love of Jesus Christ.

As far as family news is concerned, the four of us are doing great…a little tired at times, but having a great time. Micah is sitting up, trying to crawl, and in to everything he can roll his walker near. The other three of us are like athletes in training learning to leap over obstacles in a single bound, snatch things before little fingers get there, and change a diaper on a rolling baby in less than 30 seconds. Otherwise, Brandon is counting the days on the calendar until home school starts back again…not with excitement but with dread.

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

July 20, 2009

July Update

Greetings from Belize,

June proved to be a very busy and exciting month including 1 wedding, 2 graduations, and 3 work teams...all in just 4 weeks. Randy preached his first Belizean wedding a few weeks ago in a Ketchi Indian village in the southern part of the country. Through the assistance of a translator, Randy had a crash course on the Ketchi wedding traditions and the happy couple tied the knot.

Because of our involvement with the people in the village of More Tomorrow, Randy was asked to speak at the school graduation. Several of the young people that attend our church graduated and plan to begin high school in the fall. We also held a nice graduation ceremony for the 26 children who successfully completed the preschool program at our preschool in Valley of Peace (pictured at left). Those children have been taught English and school readiness skills through a Christian curriculum to prepare them for primary school when school starts in September.

Furthermore, we had the privilege of hosting 3 great groups during June. These teams covered a variety of projects from evangelism, discipleship training, sports camps, door to door visitation, food distribution, and construction. One family not only assisted in ministry but also took on several maintenance projects around the northern campus and our house. Through all the efforts mentioned above there were a number of decisions made for Christ. There were 7 professions of faith in the village of Jalacte' alone. Praise the Lord!

God has also blessed us with another church start which is located in San Pablo. These people are very excited about the gospel and being a part of what God has in store. With this addition, we now have 3 new church starts under our ministry as well as 4 existing churches. Some men from a village in Guatemala have also contacted us about starting a church in their village. Please pray with us that God will send ministers to assist with all the churches as He continues to expand His reach into the remote villages.

We are looking forward to some wonderful weeks ahead this month as we have teams scheduled to conduct Vacation Bible Schools for the children, distribute food, and complete construction on the church/preschool building in More Tomorrow. We are planning a big celebration for the end of this month to dedicate the new building to God's service.

As far as family news, we are all four doing well. Along with everything else, Randy is working on learning the Ketchi language and praying that God will divinely intervene. Sheila is trying to keep up with the house work, secretarial work, and entertaining Micah. Brandon is enjoying his summer break from school while trying to learn the Maya Mopan language and getting a dark enough tan that he now looks like the native Maya and Ketchi Indians. Micah enjoys eating, sleeping, continual interaction and sitting in front of a fan to stay cool. He is really starting to get around well in his walker...look out world, here he comes!

We continue to thank God for each and every one of you and pray that God will richly bless you. Please keep us in your prayers also as the work here in great and expanding faster than we ever imagined.

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

June 10, 2009

June Update

Greetings from Belize,

God is really "shaking things up" in Belize! This is actually a literal statement in lieu of the 7.1 earthquake we experienced around 2:20am on May 28th. That was a new experience for the Gaither family to be awakened by the house moving and the sounds of cabinet doors opening, dishes rattling, and things falling from shelves to the floor. The house did sustain some minor structural damage, but fortunately all of us are safe and unharmed. Nevertheless, that is a great reminder of how awesome our God is, and if He can cause the earth to tremble, how much more He can impact the world with even one individual that says "yes" to Him.

As alluded to in the previous paragraph, the Gaither four are finally together again in Belize. Sheila, Brandon, and Micah had been in the states awaiting Micah's passport. Finally, the passport arrived and the three of them were able to join Randy in Belize the second week of May. It's great to be together again working as a family on the tasks to which God has called us. Besides, Randy needed someone to do the dishes and the laundry...

Seriously, God has blessed us tremendously in the past two months with some wonderful donations just in time to help with the work projects lined up for this summer. Corinth Baptist Church in Darden, TN donated a 1 ton truck which is exactly what we will need to haul the concrete blocks and building materials for our construction projects among other things. An individual from Fort Smith, AR donated a Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck that will be a tremendous asset with food distribution in remote villages as well as providing an economical means of transportation. We also were blessed with a second generator donated by Celebration Christian Fellowship in Little Rock, AR. This second generator will enable us to have electric power for the construction in the north at More Tomorrow as well as for construction and church services in the south at San Isidro. Praise the Lord!

Speaking of More Tomorrow, the construction on the 30' x 60' multi-purpose building has begun and the foundation is now complete. A teenager from Fort Smith, AR took on this task as an Eagle Scout project, and his team will be in Belize in July to complete the construction. The building will serve as a place of worship, a preschool, and a facility for medical/dental teams to provide services to the village. Several men and teenage boys in the village have pitched in to help with the construction. We are all very excited as we are seeing things progress so rapidly.

Well, one school year has come to a close and we are currently preparing for graduation at Children's Nest which is the preschool in Valley of Peace. The ceremony will take place on June 13th and we hope to have some great photos to share with you in the next newsletter. Also, registration has begun for the 2009-2010 school year. There are still several children in need of a sponsor. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a child for the upcoming school year.

As always, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all your prayers and financial support. God is good to supply all our needs and it is often times through the generosity of people like you that He meets our daily needs. He is truly an awesome God!

Randy, Sheila, Brandon & Micah Gaither

April 19, 2009

Meet Micah...

We would like to introduce everyone to our newest son, Micah John Daniel Gaither. He is currently 2 months old. Micah's favorite pastimes include eating, sleeping, and playing with his big brother Brandon. This picture was taken during a very animated "conversation" with Brandon.

April 18, 2009

April Update

Greetings from Belize,

This is an exciting time to be alive and be a part of the Kingdom of God. The opportunities to share Christ with others are so tremendous and far greater in these days.

This past month has been very busy while in the states. We were privileged to visit several churches and meet many wonderful people as we traveled around to personally update congregations regarding the ministry in Belize. Besides having the opportunity to share God’s love and the amazing things He has been doing in Belize, we made a lot of new friends and are looking forward to seeing many of them again soon in Belize.

With the meetings all over and business wrapped up for now in the states, Randy is back home in Belize taking care of everything there and gearing up for the upcoming teams. The weeks ahead are going to be powerful as we have three teams that will be ministering through backyard Bible clubs and evangelistic outreach in villages across the country. We also have a team coming to distribute much needed items in one of the remote villages. In addition, we have three construction teams that will be constructing our church and preschool in More Tomorrow and completing the internet project in Valley of Peace.

Sheila and Micah are still waiting to receive Micah’s passport before they can return to Belize. Brandon is staying behind with mom to help with Micah and keep up with his school work since mom is his teacher. Brandon really wanted to return to Belize with Randy, but his teacher would not grant him an extended spring break.

On the topic of school, we are getting ready for the 2009-2010 school year in Belize. We are thankful for those who sponsored children over the past year enabling them to attend school. Unfortunately many families cannot afford an education for their children as the cost averages $250 US dollars per child per school year. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a child for the upcoming school year.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry. We really cannot thank you enough for your generous and faithful support, prayers, and encouragement. May the Lord bless you!

Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither

March 18, 2009

March Update



What a blessing these last few weeks have been as we have seen so many great things happening!  All the wonderful and mighty things God continues to do never cease to amaze us. 


In the past month we have hosted several teams.  These teams ministered to a number of villages through medical clinics, construction projects, and vacation Bible school for the children.  It was exciting to see the team members personally witnessing to so many people about their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The impact was tremendous as people were saved and lives changed. 


Things continue to progress rapidly in More Tomorrow.  We had been praying about the location for a church building.  God not only showed us the location but miraculously provided the finances to purchase the land.  We will now be able to construct a multi-functional building on this site.  In addition to the building being a place of worship for the church, it will also serve as a preschool and accommodate medical/dental teams that come to provide care in the village.  We are tentatively scheduled to start construction on this facility in June.


Another prayer request we have had is regarding a van to provide much needed transportation for the church and ministry functions such as taking people to church and food distribution in the various villages.  The vehicle would also be used to shuttle teams from place to place.  We received a designated gift toward the purchase of a new 16 passenger van.  This generous gift will cover one half the cost, and we know that God will provide the remaining funds needed to make the purchase possible.


The church at San Isito continues to grow strong.  The congregation is looking forward to the day we begin the construction of a church building in the village.  There are also a number of other villages to which we are still committed to preach the Gospel and construct buildings to accommodate the churches.


Our most exciting praise report is that God has blessed us with a beautiful and healthy baby boy.  Micah John Daniel was born on February 18th weighing 8lbs, 8ozs. and 21 ¼" long.  Fortunately Randy made it back to the states 4 days before Micah arrived so Brandon didn't have to learn to drive while taking Mom to the hospital.  We are all adjusting to a new baby in the house and remembering all over again how beautiful the stars are at 2:00am.   We will all be returning to Belize in a few short weeks once Micah receives his passport.


Thank you again for all of your continued prayers, support, and love.


Randy, Sheila, Brandon, and Micah Gaither   

February 8, 2009

February Update

Here we are just weeks into 2009 and God is mightily moving in Belize!  We are looking forward to another fantastic year as God has many great things in store. 


After a series of meetings in the U.S. during December, Randy returned to Belize January 2nd anxious to get back to work.  The first team arrived on January 3rd and it has been nonstop since then with amazing blessings each step of the way.  From mechanical teams to construction teams and a medical team the ministry opportunities abound.


The church at More Tomorrow continues to grow and thanks to Crestline CP Church and Spring Valley School in Birmingham, AL the children each received wonderful Christmas presents.  That was the first time many of the children had ever received a present.  What a tremendous expression of love that was shown to the children!  We really appreciate the folks in Birmingham that truly went the extra (few hundred) miles to make this Christmas very special for those children and to demonstrate Christian love for people they have never even met.


Through a work team from City Christian Fellowship in Fort Smith, AR we were also able to provide a gift to the entire village of More Tomorrow.  This team made repairs to the roof and ceiling of the community building where we have been holding church services.  The bats have been evicted and new electrical wiring installed.  The wiring will enable us to have lights and electrical outlets for our sound system utilizing generator power until the government connects the electricity.  How wonderful it will be to actually see all the smiling faces during our evening services as it gets dark very early in the jungle.  And the absence of bats flying around our heads is an added bonus.  The people in the village are also very proud of their newly renovated community building and enjoyed working side by side with the team members.


The Lord continues to show us great favor as we were recently awarded a grant by the Kingdom Missions Fund to purchase a generator.  Our special thanks goes out to that wonderful group of mission-minded folks working hard to supply funding to various ministries around the world.  This generator will enable us to not only supply power for the community center at More Tomorrow, but assist with our medical teams, dental teams, and new construction projects.  The generator will also be used to supply power for the new church in San Isito that meets on Saturday evenings.  The uses for the generator and the opportunities they provide are endless.


On a personal note, Sheila and Brandon remain back in the states in Arkansas awaiting the arrival of our newest son, Micah John Daniel Gaither.  He is "scheduled" to arrive on February 18th, and we are all hoping that Dad's plane makes it in on time so that he is here to greet

Micah as well.  Randy has had to brush up on his cooking skills while alone in Belize, and Brandon has been doing a great job taking care of Mom in Arkansas even during the winter weather.  We are all looking forward to being together again soon.


Thank you to everyone for all of your continued prayers and support.  May God continue to richly bless you!


Randy, Sheila, and Brandon Gaither   

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