February 8, 2009

February Update

Here we are just weeks into 2009 and God is mightily moving in Belize!  We are looking forward to another fantastic year as God has many great things in store. 


After a series of meetings in the U.S. during December, Randy returned to Belize January 2nd anxious to get back to work.  The first team arrived on January 3rd and it has been nonstop since then with amazing blessings each step of the way.  From mechanical teams to construction teams and a medical team the ministry opportunities abound.


The church at More Tomorrow continues to grow and thanks to Crestline CP Church and Spring Valley School in Birmingham, AL the children each received wonderful Christmas presents.  That was the first time many of the children had ever received a present.  What a tremendous expression of love that was shown to the children!  We really appreciate the folks in Birmingham that truly went the extra (few hundred) miles to make this Christmas very special for those children and to demonstrate Christian love for people they have never even met.


Through a work team from City Christian Fellowship in Fort Smith, AR we were also able to provide a gift to the entire village of More Tomorrow.  This team made repairs to the roof and ceiling of the community building where we have been holding church services.  The bats have been evicted and new electrical wiring installed.  The wiring will enable us to have lights and electrical outlets for our sound system utilizing generator power until the government connects the electricity.  How wonderful it will be to actually see all the smiling faces during our evening services as it gets dark very early in the jungle.  And the absence of bats flying around our heads is an added bonus.  The people in the village are also very proud of their newly renovated community building and enjoyed working side by side with the team members.


The Lord continues to show us great favor as we were recently awarded a grant by the Kingdom Missions Fund to purchase a generator.  Our special thanks goes out to that wonderful group of mission-minded folks working hard to supply funding to various ministries around the world.  This generator will enable us to not only supply power for the community center at More Tomorrow, but assist with our medical teams, dental teams, and new construction projects.  The generator will also be used to supply power for the new church in San Isito that meets on Saturday evenings.  The uses for the generator and the opportunities they provide are endless.


On a personal note, Sheila and Brandon remain back in the states in Arkansas awaiting the arrival of our newest son, Micah John Daniel Gaither.  He is "scheduled" to arrive on February 18th, and we are all hoping that Dad's plane makes it in on time so that he is here to greet

Micah as well.  Randy has had to brush up on his cooking skills while alone in Belize, and Brandon has been doing a great job taking care of Mom in Arkansas even during the winter weather.  We are all looking forward to being together again soon.


Thank you to everyone for all of your continued prayers and support.  May God continue to richly bless you!


Randy, Sheila, and Brandon Gaither   

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