November 7, 2016

November Newsletter


We have been caught up in a whirlwind (literally) for the past several months.  Since the last newsletter we have had a very busy summer schedule, a not-so-welcome visit from Hurricane Earl, weeks of clean up after the hurricane, and many more weeks of catch up after the dust settled.  But, as we have experienced many times through the years, it is when we are at our most incapable that God’s glory shines the brightest!

First of all, we would like to brag on all of the preschool graduates.  In all, 34 students graduated from the preschools in More Tomorrow and Valley of Peace.  The teachers and students alike made for an amazing school year and these students are well on their way to a successful year in primary school.  We also want to thank all of you who sponsored the preschool students enabling us to continue to provide this service completely free of charge to the families in these two villages.  Your sponsorship provides the teachers, school supplies, snacks, utilities, etc. to make this part of the ministry possible.  For the 2016-2017 school year we still have 17 preschool students in need of sponsors.  The cost to sponsor a student for one year is $250.00 and is a tax deductible gift.
X-Stream Youth Group
First Baptist Church Parsons
We also had the privilege of hosting some amazing teams this summer as you may have seen on our Facebook page.  The X-stream Youth from the Evangelical Free Church in Eaton, CO ministered to a large group of children and youth through 3 days of sports camps, and then in just one day they built and set rafters for our new church building in Frank’s Eddy.  Man, can these young people work…and fast!  No matter how hot it got or what the circumstances may have been, there were always smiles on their faces.   The First Baptist Church of Parsons, TN spent 4 days leading VBS and Bible studies in San Marcos and San Isidro as well as distributing food.  This group went through the When Helping Hurts study by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert as part of their preparation for the trip.  What an amazing display of Christ’s love and a servant’s heart these folks demonstrated.  And finally we got to spend a week with family from our home church in Arkadelphia, AR.  The Second Baptist team rolled up their sleeves and helped with several different projects from VBS, food distribution, and packing backpacks with school supplies to wading through the mud to work on the roof of the Frank’s Eddy building and cleaning up around the campus.  Guess that’s part of being family…just fall in and get to work.  Each team had unique gifts, talents, and personalities that ministered not only to the people in various villages, but also to the Gaither family in a very special way. 
Second Baptist Church Arkadelphia

Just four short days after the last team departed, Hurricane Earl decided to pay us a visit.  In the Belmopan area we took a direct hit from the storm that lasted over 6 hours.  As Jesus slept in the bottom of the ship while the disciples watched and worried over the storm, Micah lay on the floor of the office and slept while Randy and Sheila sat watching the wind blow through the windows and listening to all the trees exploding outdoors.  As we were making preparations the day the storm hit, Micah told us that we were going to be fine because God had already told him so.  How precious is the faith of a child!  Just as Micah had said, when we were finally able to emerge from our “fraidy hole” the next morning, it was as if God had cupped his hands over our home.  Debris was everywhere as far as you could see and the river looked as if it was trying to knock at our door, but there was a clearly defined perimeter around our house where nothing was touched.  Thank you Lord for your amazing love and protection!

The hours following the storm turned in to days and then weeks of clean up.  When you are without electricity, water, communication, power tools, or a tractor, things just seem to move a little slower.  But it was in these days and weeks after the hurricane that we experienced God and His wonderful love and provision so greatly.  God used many of you reading this to provide the funds for us to buy a generator to run our entire house so that we could have electricity and water (well pumps don’t work without power) as well as other tools and supplies we needed to get things repaired and working again.  We can’t say thank you enough to those of you who responded to our needs.  

There is not enough space on this paper to share all of the miracles we experienced following the storm, but there is one we would like to mention.  The winds from the hurricane brought in droves of mosquitoes.  Yes, the little critters that carry zika virus, dengue, malaria, and chikungunya were in such great supply that we would be covered in matter of seconds after going outside.  A few days after the storm just when things seemed to be particularly frustrating, Randy noticed something very unusual as he returned home from town.  He called Sheila and Micah and we all stood outside for about 20 minutes or so and watched hundreds of what appeared to be martin birds flying just above the ground all over the property eating up the mosquitoes.  Our Father always knows our needs down to the smallest detail, and He cared enough to even get rid of the mosquitoes.

We thank all of you for the many ways you have reached out to us, prayed for us, and demonstrated your love and concern for us.  We also want to give praise to our Lord and Savior for His protection, provision, and presence in everything. 
 Micah was thrilled about the first day of 2nd grade... 

Randy, Sheila, and Micah